Real estate & travel-focused multidisciplinary services.

360° Digital Marketing

Instagram, X, Tiktok, Youtube… We enhance profitability through targeted and effective marketing

Muse for creators

Inspiring support for creative minds. Youtubers, Influencers, Agencies, Communuties…

Property Management Platform Automation

Automate repetitive tasks with AI for seamless property reservations.

Real Estate Marketing

Targeted campaigns to elevate real estate & property visibility.

Building Automations

Optimize building & reception management using AI for efficient operations.

AI Virtual Concierge

Improve your customer experience + save time

AI Implementation

Integration of artificial intelligence for enhanced business operations.

Digital Marketing Montenegro

We ❤️ Locals, contact us for any assistance.

Last Projects

Smart Montenegro

We manage Smart Montenegro’s booking system and marketing with AI, minimizing & optimizing operational costs.

Collaborated with Oilo Works & Dapt Creative
We created and managed the online booking website and conducted marketing activities.

(We completed our work in 2023; any updates made thereafter are not our responsibility.)