Focus ?

Our aim is to contribute to socially conscious and environmentally respectful initiatives in the planet.

Experiences ?

 ♾️ We’ve been involved in starting and growing startups, gaining experience in various fields such as tourism, real estate, SAAS, e-commerce, blockchain, and more.We’ve been a part of every stage, from idea to design, creation, and growth.

Brainstorm ? What kind of services do you provide?

  • Increasing your creativity & productivity,
  • Helping become healthier and more conscious
  • Enabling brands to express their spirit in the digital realm,
  • Increasing awareness and enhancing interactions through this expression,
  • Assisting in monitoring, managing, and improving the productivity of agencies on behalf of brands,
  • Supporting the establishment of start-ups that align with our core values,
  • Enhancing effiiency through AI that require human effort,
  • Sharing insights about the new world and technological advancements

Temple ?

seaside apartment donja lastva
garden donja lastva
The Temple; located in Donja Lastva, Tivat.
(1st picture first day, 2nd 1 month later 🍀❤️)

Water Bending ?

Reach out to Gökhan for elevating your Physical & Mental Wellbeing

Mountain ?

Let the big cities be yours, for the mountains belong to the Baba’s.
Whenever I get the chance, I strive to stay in the mountains.
(Babakamp was a wonderful experience for us 🙏)

Baba's ?

a community..

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