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    Who are you ?

    I’m a Maker, Creator,
    not a designer, a freelancer
    and working harder.
    Survivor, Spreader, not a giver,
    Humaniter, Helper..

    🎵 Destiny’s Child – Survivor
    (chorus melody)

    What is the purpose of this website?

    To reach out to everyone who strives for the well-being of humanity, dedicating effort to create, and embracing the goal of sharing acquired knowledge.
    Coming together again, independent of country and race.

    To Introduce and beautify Tivat & Montenegro and later, Turkey.

    Why Montenegro?

    Because, I’m in love with the Yugo.
    I came in 2018, and staying here has brought me to myself.

    The nature, warm Montenegrins + mostly Slavic, and freedom-minded expats from other countries, are the reasons I stay.
    I’m currently working to improve to my beloved city, Tivat.

    For the spread of freedom and civilization to the Balkans, Turkey, and the entire world.

    Hey Gökhan, How are you ?
    (Tr) Gökhan Naber, ne yapıyorsun ?

    Oh dear friend, I’m good, thank you. 

    (Old friends, let’s stop asking this question in writing, I believe it’s a waste of time.)