1. Meet-up

Let’s start by getting to know each other, a friendly beginning to our journey together.

2. Needs Check

Explore what you need and how we can help.

3. Action Kickoff

Move forward with a personalized plan crafted just for you.


Pricing is based on the time spent, ranging from 50€ to 200€ per month.
(For those under the age of 24, it is free of charge, always!)

Meet with Gökhan

  • Personalized insights into his experiences and knowledge. (Topics : Digital Marketing, Invest in Montenegro, AI Implementation, Global Insights)
  • Access to Gokhan’s World Whatsapp Broadcast. 
  • Priority booking for a 30-minute video call
  • Weekly 30-minute video calls or in-person meetings in Tivat
  • Tailored digital marketing consultation (design, website development, marketing strategies, growth activities…)
  • Adding your business or yourself to Gokhan’s World (subject to approval)

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