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What is the difficulty level of the hiking trail?

Those who wish can drive to the summit of the mountain to start their hike (easy) or opt for a moderate ascent starting from sea level. (medium)

How long does it typically take to complete the hiking trail?

The duration of the hike can vary between 1 to 7 hours, depending on individual preferences. 

What kind of scenic views can be expected along the hiking trail?

The panoramic mountain and sea views of Tivat and Kotor will add a delightful touch to our hiking experience.

How is the terrain, and what type of footwear do I need?

The terrain is mostly rocky, so wearing shoes with a hard-soled is strongly recommended. Using regular athletic shoes (running or walking shoes) may prove a bit challenging. If desired, an alternative route through the forest can be taken, starting from the summit for a shorter walk.

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