Top 10 things to know before visiting Tivat Montenegro

tivat kotor area satellite image

Get ready for a journey through time. Tivat, one of Montenegro’s finest destinations, shines in the southwest.

This small coastal town gained prominence with the bustling Porto Montenegro, one of the world’s largest marinas, and continues to sparkle every day.

In this text, discover 10 tips from a digital nomad living in Tivat since 2018.


1- Polako! (Slowly/take it easy)

As Montenegrins and immigrants who love living here, we have a quiet life. If you can keep up with us you can see the true spirit of Tivat. I hope you have a pleasant time in advance.

2- City of Children and Mothers

Especially after the pandemic, it has become one of the destinations for families with children who can work remotely. For both living and holiday.
We love children here ❤️

3- The weather is mostly nice

Approximately 300 days of the year are sunny. Summers are not overwhelmingly hot, and winters are mildly cold. Even if the weather forecast shows rain the next day, it may rain for an hour in the morning and the sun may shine. (Especially in summer)

However, we recommend that you take a raincoat with you in every season.

4- All kinds of sports are possible in the city

You can easily jog, jump into the sea or hike to Vrmac the moment you leave your home.
Apart from these, sports such as sailing, canoeing, tennis, padel, diving etc. are available in the city. In short, you can reach every activity by walking in a maximum of 15 minutes.

“Los Angeles’ Runyon Canyon is our Vrmac.”

5- Natural foods in our own way

Our cuisine is special to us. Yes, you can find food from world cuisine here, but it may not always be what you expect. Sometimes we do it in our own way.) 
I recommend you to choose local restaurants.

The 2 best local restaurants in Tivat
– Ponta Veranda (fish&meat)
– Tanja (meat)

6- Perfect for solo and unplanned travel

You can be sure that it will be good for your soul with its quiet life, beautiful weather and smiling people.

7- Artists, writers, etc. A source of inspiration for creative people

This is our common opinion when I chat with people who live here and can work remotely.

8- Best months June and September

If you choose June or September instead of the busy summer season, you can save your budget and make your holiday more calm and enjoyable.

9- This is not Mykonos!

If you are thinking of coming for entertainment, I recommend you choose other places. Because, as living beings, we like to drink our tea and sometimes our beer in a quiet way rather than partying.

10- Prepare to meet the Spirit of Yugoslavia

The vast majority of people visiting or living are of Yugoslav origin. If you are lucky, you may meet this beautiful soul.

Created by Gökhan 2024, 

Hakuna Matata from Tivat

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