water bending gokhan baba

Boost your physical and mental power

What is water-bending ?

It’s a training method done in water using tai-chi and various exercise movements.

Who is it recommended for?

This method is recommended for everyone, whether they are into sports or not. Especially for those who work at a computer for long periods, those without previous sports habits, those recovering from injuries, those looking to strengthen their body in a 360-degree manner, those wanting to correct their posture, those looking to improve their breathing, and people who practice meditation..

Do you provide lessons?

Feel free to join in Tivat to Gökhan;

Remote; after a 10-minute online meeting that we will have, you can do it on your own wherever you like..

If you wish, you can even try tai-chi movements in the water without any meetings. You will be surprised by the results if you do it continuously for 5 days. (That’s how we started :))

How often and for how long should I do it?

We achieve successful results with 10 minutes a day + stretching for a minimum of 5 days.
(PS. morning better 🙂

Do I need to buy something for the training?

No,  just water and free time is enough..